Embrace the allure of the night as we proudly unveil the 2nd Annual Vampire Ball and Social, an exclusive event beckoning those aged 21 and over to indulge in an evening of Gothic enchantment. This immersive soiree invites you to step into the shadows on Oct 13 from 2pm-2am at Embers, where dark elegance meets supernatural revelry. Immerse yourself in a world of mysterious opulence, where bewitching performances blur the lines between reality and fantasy, an elixir bar concocts otherworldly potions, and haunting melodies transport you to a realm beyond. Don your most exquisite Gothic attire and join the dance of shadows on a night where sophistication intertwines with the supernatural. Limited tickets available—answer the call, secure your passage, and be part of a night destined to linger in immortal memories. RSVP now for an unforgettable journey into the heart of darkness!
Below I will like the Facebook event info Hope to see all our ghouls there.