Ready to transform your space into a bone-chilling Halloween spectacle? Our DIY Haunted Mirror with Emerging Skeleton tutorial is here to make it happen! Learn how to create a spine-tingling illusion of a skeleton emerging from an old, dirty mirror, all on a budget. This step-by-step guide includes hot glue, E6000, Jenga blocks, a skeleton from Michaels, gauze, and that spooky mirror you've had lying around. Perfect for your haunted house, Halloween party, or everyday home decor! Let's dive into the eerie world of DIY.

An old, dirty mirror
Plastic skeleton (available at Michaels or your local store)
Jenga blocks (wooden building blocks) Dollar Tree
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
E6000 adhesive
Black paint (optional)
Paintbrush (optional)
Safety goggles (recommended)
Gauze or cheesecloth

Step 1: Skeleton Preparation
Begin by disassembling the plastic skeleton if necessary. This allows for flexibility in posing the skeleton within the mirror. You can paint the skeleton for added realism if desired. I on unscrewed the legs for this one.
Step 2: Mirror Setup
Leaving some dirt and smudges for an eerie effect. Position it securely in your chosen location.
Step 3: Frame Construction
Utilize Jenga blocks to the mirror. Use a combination of hot glue and E6000 adhesive to securely attach to mirror. This frame will provide support for attaching the skeleton and create a haunted appearance. Be cautious and wear safety goggles when working with hot glue.
Step 4: Skeleton Placement
Position the skeleton within the mirror frame. the skeleton in place. I measured the screws and drilled into the Jenga blocks.
Step 5: Customization (Optional)
If you want to intensify the spooky ambiance, paint the Jenga frame and the mirror frame black to create a chilling backdrop. Allow it to dry thoroughly before proceeding.
Step 6: Draped Gauze
Drape gauze or cheesecloth over the skeleton and around the mirror frame to give it a ghostly, otherworldly appearance. Use hot glue or E6000 to secure the gauze in place.
Step 7: Final Adjustments
Carefully position the skeleton and adjust the draped gauze to achieve the desired eerie effect.
Step 8: Dim the Lights!

Turn down the room lights, and behold the magic as your DIY Haunted Mirror with Emerging Skeleton creates an unforgettable, spine-chilling illusion perfect for Halloween!
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