The Dark Arts of Success:
Recommended Tools and Teachings

I have ventured forth and subjected many instruments and teachings to scrutiny. Some were grand and wondrous, whilst others were wanting.

To aid thee on thy quest for GLORY, I humbly offer these recommendations that bear my personal seal of approval.

I, myself, make use of these tools in our endeavors even as we speak! 

I impart these tools unto thee not for the sake of the tribute, but because they serve me well in my nocturnal dealings and may prove helpful to thee as well. All buttons will lead to message me, for custom order the items below.

When considering a particular tool or program, ask of thyself:

"Shall This Assist Me in Reaching My Aspirations?

Steel French-hooks, that dangles the skull in a 22g steel wire teardrop. 

Pride steel wire collection. Steel wire hold semi-precious stones.

Steel French-hooks that hold these Skeletons on top of crosses. 

Jewel pendents necklaces on 24in cord. These have a glass covering the artwork with a steel backing. 

Steel wire French-hooks hold these steel hearts some made mismatching to draw the more attention.  

Steel wire French- hooks holding these coffin pendents.  

Steel wire French- hooks holding these Skeletons that were split in half.  

Discover the Dark Emporium of Raymie's Relics:
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They are our High Priest and High Priestess, where we procure the majority of our mystical provisions. Katrina was the individual who inspired Raymie to barter at gatherings and purchase my macabre inventions. Raymie's Relics can be found on Facebook, showcasing past events and serving as a portal for bespoke work.

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