Crafted from the Shadows:
The Ebony Artistry of Handmade Trinkets for Sale

Nestled within the realms of the unknown, lies a trove of impeccable craftsmanship. Each piece is a masterful creation, hand-fashioned with a passion for the macabre. The artisan's touch is evident in every stroke, imbuing each item with a sense of mystery and enchantment. These handmade trinkets are not simply objects, but rather, they are portals into the shadowy world of gothic imagination. Immerse yourself in their dark beauty and bask in the glory of their impeccable artistry. Allow these masterful creations to take hold of your soul and bring your gothic collection to life.


Runes come from a fallen birch tree limb. I wood etched the Norse runes. Each set comes in a hand sewed bag and a description of the runes. Price $25 each set.

Stone Earrings

Steel wire with 3 semi precious stone earrings on a French hook $10 each


Necklace are my steel wrap quartz or polished semi precious stone on a 24in cord $10 each.

Steel Rings

Steel rings come in sizes 6 - 14. Plain spiral or Semi precious stone topped $10 each.

Home Blessing

Home blessing are hand etched Norse runes that are then hand painted and attached to a wood plaque. On the back, the meaning of each rune is explained.

There is a hole drilled at the top so that it can be attached above any entrance or doorway. This is my take on what was used long ago. Now blessing are used in sports locker rooms with Team logos. And touched for good luck (blessing), when crossing the doorway. What is old is new again.

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